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As Facebook friends will know, I've been very busy sewing lately, so artRecs might be more infrequent during the summer. To tide you over, I've got a slew of news, tunes and videos, plus two upcoming events. Happy summer!

:: events ::
  • June 20: Off the Grid at the Oakland Museum of California. This week, several folks from Christ Church plan to meet up there at 6:30. We'll eat a bit, then maybe take advantage of half-off admission (only $7.50!) to check out the Vinyl show, or wander out into the neighborhood. Try to stop by!
  • June 28: Adam Levy house concert in San Francisco, 7 p.m. Email rsvp@kcturnerpresents.com to RSVP and get the location. $20. (Note: Levy, who wrote at least one song for Norah Jones, is also giving a songwriting workshop beforehand; it's $30 to take in both.)
  • July 12: Birthday Garden Party. Hopefully I'll have potatoes from my grow bins, but either way, I'll have garden-themed favors and maybe a plant-inspired drink or two. 6:30-11.
  • Miss the May 8 discussion with NT Wright? You can hear a recording of his conversation about the Psalms with City Church's Scot Sherman. Caleb also shared this Veritas Forum video of Wright discussing technology and theology with Peter Thiel. And for low-fi folks, journalist Jonathan Merritt published a two-part interview with Wright that ranged from inerrancy to sexuality and science.
:: our stuff ::
  • John has a new album out with his musical project Half-Handed Cloud. Stream and buy Flying Scroll Flight Control.
  • A few weeks ago, I attended an artist dinner hosted by the folks at City Church, during which several people shared work. My favorite pieces: The whimsical, funny short Gunther by Pixar animator Erick Oh, and a beautiful song called "This Bird," a commissioned piece written by Winton White. Both pieces very creatively and effectively flip some common expectations about the world. Artist dinners break for the summer, but should resume in the fall. Let me know if you want to know more.
  • An Open Letter to Male Virgins: I didn't plan to write my latest piece for Her.meneutics, but at the encouragement of some writer friends, I finally fleshed out an idea first prompted by a really weird online-dating experience.
:: tunes ::
:: visual art ::
:: film & tv ::
As Her.meneutics editor Kate Minnicks wrote for the June issue of Christianity Today, skits like these are just one way Jimmy's bring fun and joy back to comedy.

:: poetry ::

  • This profile of a rising, often bawdy, poet from the Midwest doesn't just introduce a fascinating person, it features some really tremendous writing.
  • Aaron Belz, whom I've mentioned here before, has a new collection out called Glitter Bomb. Get a taste of his frequently comic works on his website.
  • I'm not sure if there's more to this, but writer Sherman Alexie has a nice "ode to gray" on his poetry page.
  • Quite possibly the best poetry I've read recently came from Marilyn Nelson's wonderful biography of George Washington Carver. I love the creative structural approach she took and, in Nelson's hands, poetry proves a wonderful prism for recounting someone's life. I can't say enough good things about the book.
:: reading/food for thought ::
:: food ::
  • I've never eaten there, but long-time San Francisco restaurant Fleur de Lis will close at the end of June. Apparently it was one of the first "chef-driven restaurants" and an early adopter of all-veg entrees on the menu. They're accepting reservations through June 28, if anyone wants to check them out before the serve their final meal.
  • After Maya Angelou's death, it seemed like most sites published not one but several tributes. This may be the only one to include her cornbread salad recipe. Angelou's love of cooking also infused some of her poetry.
  • A group called San Francisco Heritage recently added 25 establishments to its list of "legacy" bars and restaurants, bringing the list to 100. I think I've been to about 17, thanks to a recent visit to Hi Dive (formerly Boondocks, whose building dates to the 1930s). Maybe this will be the year I finally visit Tadich Grill...
  • I've yet to try it, but this recipe for persian rice with dates, lentils and raisins looks very promising -- plus a good way to get more lentils in your diet. 

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