Ghanaian poetry, hobbit feasts + White Elephant Sale

Happy new year, all! My sincere apologies for such an extremely long break between emails. As some of you know, I ended up having to move the end of October, so I took the last several weeks off from writing -- this included. I'm slowly getting back to old routines, though, which includes a return to artRecs.

:: your stuff ::
  • Matt had one of his Stanford lab photos featured in the New York Times (!!!!). I think we should all buy him a nice alcoholic beverage or some such.
:: events ::
  • The annual White Elephant Sale (aka, my favorite second-hand event of the year) returns! This year's annual fundraiser for the Oakland Museum of California fills an entire warehouse. Fight for parking and wade through crowded aisles March 1-2 or pay $15 to shop the preview sale Jan. 26. Better yet: Round up all your items to donate and get in for free on any of their remaining drop-off dates (you'll pay a 10% surcharge, though). Tip: Make a list beforehand of things to look for; otherwise the 20 different departments can overwhelm. If you're looking for spare parts for any appliances, be sure to take the accurate model number, as they don't accept returns.
:: tunes ::
:: reading ::
:: visual art and film ::
  • In this neat portraiture project, a black photographer took a group of middle-aged white professional women and did corporate-style portraits of them with "black" hairstyles. 
  • The Mazzarellos made their annual "inspiration trip" to Europe last fall, this time visiting Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Copenhagen. View all their pictures and take a vicarious vacation.
  • A New York-based photographer friend's non-profit was featured on the New York Times Lens blog, as part of a story on a high-school photography project. So proud of Alicia.
:: food ::

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