Oakland doc screening, summer mixtape + a retro cooking essential

If I were my uncle, I might start this by wishing you a happy Memorial Day Cain (just as Saturday was Memorial Day Adam), but that would be a lazy way to start things. Lazy could never describe the writing of Mary Roach, however, as I note in my review of her new book Gulp. My copy's currently out on loan -- should you want to borrow it -- but it made me want to read more of her books.

And in a very different kind of science review, my second piece for the Atlantic looks at a novel view of debt put forth in Mating Intelligence Unleashed: 'Overspending Has Become a Modern Form of Mating Deception.' I'll have more to come on that book.

Otherwise, I'm between book reviews, which means tonight's commute presents a choice of knitting or a mystery. Currently reading my third Cliff Janeway novel, part of a series set in the rare books world that I'm really enjoying.

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  • New First Listen: You probably haven't heard of the Spanish singer Buika, but that shouldn't stop you from giving her new album a listen. Getz and Gilberto are usually my go-to soundtrack for those summer nights when I have time for a little reading and a glass of sangria before sunset ... but they might get bumped by her album this year.
  • Yes, there are subway-busker auditions, as this piece in the Journal recounts.
  • 65 free songs! Noisetrade has pulled together an expansive summer mixtape so big, I almost feel guilty sharing it. Let it inspire you to tip your favorite artists generously!
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  • As 1950s as this might sound, it's hard to beat the payoffs a good crockpot provides. Meal prep rarely takes longer than a few minutes (depending on how much chopping's involved), then you turn it on in the morning and come home to a nice, flavorful supper. This coming weekend, I plan to try this promising-looking recipe for slow-cooker chicken paprikash, since my folks will be in town and I've got a busy Sunday scheduled. 

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