New Avetts track, haiku warning signs, a great soup

I seem to be doing more long-lead writing lately, but one piece that just got published is a commentary on yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on the health-care reform law.

:: tunes ::
  • Rolling Stone talks to the Avett Brothers about their forthcoming album, The Carpenter (due out in September) and dealing with the cancer of their bassist's daughter. Their first single, "Live and Die" (which you can stream at the end of the article) made me bummed I missed their recent show at the Greek.
  • Upcoming concert highlights: I've fallen a bit off my game in terms of trying to hear at least one live show a month, but I'm interested in a couple upcoming shows. Anyone else up for going?
    • Dr. John @ the Independent, 8/16 and 8/17
    • Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples @ the Greek, 9/14
:: visual art ::
:: film ::
:: dance ::
  • You probably remember the dancing-guy meme from a few years back ... and now he's back with a new video that shows a lovely evolution in his celebrity. (via Andy Crouch) 
:: food ::
  • Wednesday night, I was looking for something I could make for dinner, without having to buy a ton of ingredients, and decided to try this chicken-chickpea harira recipe. I wasn't familiar with the Moroccan soup before, but the results were fantastic. It took maybe 90 minutes start-to-finish, produced close to 3 quarts, and resulted in a beautiful, delicious soup that only improved the next day. I will definitely be making this again.

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